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Mumford and Sons: Sigh no More (2009)

Mumford & Sons are a British folk rock band. The band formed in December 2007, rising out of what some in the media labeled the "West London folk scene. Band members variously play guitar, drums, keyboard instruments, bass guitar, and traditional folk instruments such as banjo, mandolin, and resonator guitar. Sigh No More is the debut studio album, the album's title is taken from a song performed in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing and several lines from the play appear in the title track's lyrics.

Released: 2nd of October 2009
Recorded: 2008–2009 at Eastcote Studios, London, UK
Genre: Folk rock
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mlb: panic

Britannia High!

Britannia High is a drama from ITV. It follows the journey of six young students at the fictional Britannia High School of Perfoming Arts as they try to develop their skills and also find themselves, in order to make their mark on the world. The show has been compared to the popular musicals High School Musical and Fame. The cast, however, are of the opinion that Britannia High is, "Something new. And it's British." SOUNDTRACK AND BONUS TRACKS.RAR under the cut!

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