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Popular music from countries around the world
Welcome to World Records! A music community, showcasing music from countries all over the world. This community is not for "World Music", or what is thought of to be cultural or ethnic music. Though some music may fall into that category, this community is for new, popular, or contemporary music from different countries. World Records was started on May, 27, 2010 and is run by:
llorenn, nieninque121, syn_or_fantasy, xdogdaysareover, maekala, pikafreak, girltype, hanzan, standardtastic, kajsa87, lullabyeforyou, lacunaz, & saskiiaa

Here's some very basic rules:

1. PLEASE COMMENT! I'm not new at this and trust me, when you get tons of downloads and very few comments, it's not very encouraging. It takes more effort than you think to post and It always makes me happy to see when people are into the music I've shared, so please take 2 seconds out of your day to say "Thanks".
2. Be Nice. That should be nice but sometimes people forget. No Trolling!
3. DO NOT REPOST LINKS OR TAKE CREDIT FOR YOURSELF! If you want to share, you can download a file and upload it yourself. Or, an even better idea, is post a link to the journal and help me out by advertising the community. It never hurts to have more members!

If you're interested, Please Join! :)

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